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Annie’s passion has always been to see God’s people delivered, healed and set free. Having to break free from her own past, Annie understands that guilt and shame can often hold a person back from their destiny and purpose. With a non-judgmental approach, the love of Christ and the ability to be transparent, Annie has successfully seen the lives of others transformed.

Annie currently attends Bethel Christian Fellowship in downtown Rochester, NY, and serves in several ministries: Altar Prayer, Healing and Deliverance, Pure Streams Prophetic Ministry, Assistant Teacher of Prophetic Boot Camp and one of the Promise of Power Women Conference speakers. It’s said that Annie “hits the bull’s eye,” and she’s often called alongside her peers to minister prophetically. Whether it’s ministering at Bethel or other local churches under the leadership of Pastor Hector Santos of Hector Santos Ministries, Annie walks in the character of Christ.

Annie has two beautiful children – Taquilla and DeSean, as well as a handsome grandson son, Soren.


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